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    Diablo Motors

    Happy New Year! Inquire about our 2013 PROMO "FREE MAINTENANCE FOR A YEAR" (925) 830-8747

    Diablo Motors, Sales, Service, Brokerage & Consignment: Located @ 2067 San Ramon Valley Blvd, San Ramon, CA

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Have You Heard of the Android App: Find My Car?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Losing your vehicle in an oversized parking lot or unfamiliar town can be extremely frustrating. Now you can easily avoid this frustration by using an app on your Android-powered device.

    Find My Car is an innovative application that uses GPS technology to keep track of your vehicle. Store multiple vehicle locations through one simple on-screen interface. The app utilizes built-in Google Navigation support to direct you toward your vehicle.

    Keeping track of your car is especially important when you’ve recently purchased a luxurious used vehicle. Find out how you can get behind the wheel of a BMW, Mercedes and other luxury vehicles by calling Diablo Motors at (877) 884-0276.

    Exploring the Experience of Owning a Luxury Convertible

    Last updated 2 years ago

    It’s no exaggeration to say that purchasing a luxury convertible may change your life. Find out how riding in style can elevate your everyday experience with this look at the many benefits offered by a luxury convertible

    • Jaw-Dropping Visuals: The elements of style and class pioneered by the industry’s luxury leaders can’t be matched by hopeful imitators. In fact, the aesthetic appeal of brands like BMW is an inherent incentive that drives many vehicle buyers toward their alluring line-up. Aggressive body lines evoke prestige and elegance, reflecting the refined taste of the owner. Sleek convertible tops add an adventurous twist to these highly stylish driving machines. Consider a luxury convertible if your aim is to make a definitive statement with your next vehicle purchase.
    • Long-Term Investment: The superior quality of luxury convertibles doesn’t stop at a chic exterior. High-end luxury vehicles are equally famous for their high-performance design. Brands like Cadillac are designed for reliable performance well over the 100,000 mile mark. This makes the investment in a luxury brand convertible a great option for drivers who look for reliability over years of service. Likewise, top-tier interiors are extremely long-lasting. Leather accents and seat materials, for example, resist stains and tears better than the materials used in most other cars. Consider the enduring reliability of a luxury convertible when weighing your next set of car options.
    • Versatile Convertible Design: Convertibles, especially luxury models, are quick to defy common expectations about how an open top vehicle can perform. For example, folding metal tops have become increasingly popular over soft-top designs. The result is a convertible that’s reliable in any set of weather conditions. Likewise, convertibles tops are no longer limited to sporty roadsters and muscle cars. Full-sized luxury vehicles are also incorporating convertible tops into their award-winning designs.

    Diablo Motors specializes in helping drivers find the vehicles that meet their every need. Visit our website or dial (877) 884-0276 to browse our extensive inventory of high quality BMW and Mercedes Benz vehicles.

    A Guide to Routine Vehicle Maintenance

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Routine maintenance is all about preventing a progressive vehicle breakdown. Addressing issues early prevents small fixes from turning into big expenses. The following maintenance guide summarizes just a few of the most important systems to examine.

    • Oil Changes: One of the most crucial aspects of regular vehicle maintenance is checking and changing the oil. Engine oil both cools and lubricates the many moving parts in your engine. Without this, the engine could seize up and never work again. Checking the oil involves ensuring a proper fill level and good condition. This should generally be done every 3,000 miles.
    • Fluid Inspection: Oil is not the only fluid necessary to the proper functioning of your vehicle. Another important fluid to consider is coolant. This runs through your radiator and cooling system to keep the engine from overheating. While coolant should last several years, it is always good to check the fill level. Transmission fluid works like oil, lubricating the complex system of gears and other parts in your transmission. Other fluids include brake fluid and power steering fluid. If you are unsure about the needs of your car and its fluids, visit a professional maintenance center.
    • Regular Tire Examination: Tire care is important for maintaining a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and grip on the road. Having tires rotated every 6,000 miles prevents premature tire failure from disproportionate tread wear. Tire tread also reveals quite a bit about a vehicle’s overall performance. For instance, uneven tread wear despite regular rotation may indicate a compromised suspension or other alignment issues.

    Keeping your car maintained is easy when you have a reliable service department on your side. Schedule a service appointment at Diablo Motors today to receive the award-winning customer service you deserve. Dial (877) 884-0276 today.

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